insights: about your market

Market Insights can assist you in repositioning your institution for growth, and help you identify and evaluate emerging opportunities within your marketplace. Whether you are looking to grow organically, expand geographically, acquire or diversify – our suite of services can provide the insights you need to build and sustain a competitive advantage.



Market Prioritization is an analysis of a defined geographic area using specific screening criteria (i.e. demographic, product, competitive, etc.), which you believe best fit with your institution's goals.  We retrieve data for the defined geography (i.e. zip code, county, metro area, state, etc.), run our analysis and outline a prioritized list of communities best suited for your particular objective. 

Whether you are looking to make an acquisition, start a loan office, or better target your services to the right audience/geography, the Market Prioritization is a low cost and effective method of pinpointing and prioritizing your best opportunities for acquisition or growth, viability and ranking of your current markets, capital investment and delivery transformation priorities.

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Throughout the industry there is a growing realization that digital transformation is imperative if you hope to remain relevant. But there is no "one-size-fits-all" strategy that guides that process. 

Making choices about the integration of new technologies, automation of processes, creation of new digital products or the evolution of your customer experience should begin with an assessment of your data - and the scope and speed of change to systems, staffing, etc. should be grounded in the realities of your business goals, the profile of your market and the evolving digital preferences of the consumer in your area.

Our process is customized and affordable; and is designed to help you clarify and prioritize your next important steps.

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The right-sizing of branch networks has become critical to achieving branch channel efficiency and effectiveness.

Our comprehensive branch- specific analysis will describe the segmented profile of your current and potential customer; and delineate growth potential (i.e. deposits, investments, loans, etc.) per branch.

This comprehensive assessment and analysis of branch performance, market potential and growth metrics involves data analysis, branch visits, a review of pertinent operational and customer data, and forecasting the 5-year balance sheet growth (or projected decline) for each location. We will make recommendations for optimizing all channels and including the prioritization of branch consolidation or closure and branch transformation.

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Market profiling includes a site-specific summary of each defined market area with an assessment of opportunities available in each market.  This will include insights about the market's demographic profile, business profile, market level segmentation, product behaviors, financial propensity and a competitive analysis. To learn more, contact us.



We work with your team to define your business objectives and provide you with detailed insights on a set number of markets.  Similar to our Market Profiling, this service includes insights about the market's demographic profile, business profile, market level segmentation, product behaviors, financial propensity and a competitive analysis; along with an assessment of opportunities available in each market. To learn more, contact us.

insights: about your customer

Understanding relevant customer data - the reasons they buy, the products they use, the communication they prefer - is essential
to drive decision making and ensure growth and profitability. These three services are designed to help deepen your understanding of customer preferences and align your service delivery with customers’ needs. 


segmentation snapshot

Segmentation is the process of grouping members of a large group into smaller groups based on shared characteristics and similar product or service needs. While geographic and demographic segmentation is often used in bank marketing, more detailed segmentation is required to ensure successful targeting.

We utilize a household level segmentation system to prepare a snapshot of your customer and market households. The snapshot includes an analysis of market segment growth opportunities and a review of dominant segment characteristics and product-specific behaviors.  

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With markets and customer preferences changing so rapidly, gaps in product or service offerings can periodically occur.

Market Insights' Product Gap Analysis will evaluate your current suite of products against both competitor product offerings and product-specific market level propensity for product demand and usage in order to make recommendations for product/service additions or deletions.

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Social media has become a vital channel for banks and credit unions to build real-time, personalized relationships with their customers. Some financial institutions have been slow to fully utilize this important channel due to regulatory guidelines, compliance concerns and (of course) limited financial and human resources. Others have stepped into social media space without a clear strategy for social media to make a measurable contribution to their success.

We evaluate your social media marketing activities and develop recommendations to improve effectiveness in social media channels. Recommendations are offered to help you use this channel efficiently and effectively in order to drive stronger, more profitable relationships with your customers.

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insights: about your organization

There are so many aspects of your organization that either add to, or take away from, your potential for growth - the strength of your brand, the agility of your culture, the effectiveness of your marketing, the focus and flexibility of your planning.
The insights shared through these services can help you improve results and position yourself for future success.   



A clear, strong, and differentiated brand position is a powerful asset for any bank or credit union - but it is not set in stone. Your brand position often requires adjustment to ensure alignment with your customers. 

Our team of consultants will evaluate your current brand position and offer recommendations that will help you achieve and maintain a brand position that sets you apart from the competition, guides marketing decisions and drives growth.

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Culture is never static; it evolves over time - and can often fall out of alignment with strategic goals. As companies navigate through major changes (e.g. digital transformation, acquisition, change in leadership, etc.) it is especially crucial to shape the culture that you need in order to be successful. 

Market Insights has a distinctive methodology for assessing your current situation and making recommendations that will shape an agile, sustainable culture. We support your organization with the availability of customized training and follow-up.

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Marketing effectiveness has become increasingly challenging to measure as strategies and channels become more complex.

Our team brings an outside perspective to a review of your strategy and tactics in a way that can yield new insights into the possible disconnects between your marketing efforts and your marketplace. The resulting recommendations are tailored to your unique situation and designed to improve effectiveness and achieve greater ROI.

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Our strategic planning process is uncompromising in its emphasis on clear choices, measurable action and accountability. We take time with your planning session participants to gather the best of their perspectives, ideas and concerns in a way that builds consensus and cultivates a sense of ownership.

The result: a strategy that translates intangible goals into specific actions - a plan that can adjust to the ever-shifting realities of today's marketplace. To learn more, contact us.