market insights is a consulting firm specializing in the development of strategies that help community banks and credit unions grow in today’s dynamic marketplace.

since 1993, our team of consultants has earned a reputation for helping financial services executives and marketers position their institutions for growth.  we work with financial institutions in markets across the country.

our approach

In today’s dynamic marketplace, every situation is different.  While many institutions may face similar challenges, we know that the greatest opportunities are those that are unique to a specific market or institution.  We approach every engagement with this in mind, and as a result, we are able to deliver customized strategies with specific actionable recommendations to each of our clients.

why market insights? 

There are many consulting firms, of all sizes and specialties, serving the financial services industry.  We believe there are compelling characteristics about Market Insights that set us apart from the rest:

  • Our process is distinctive and our recommendations are never boiler-plate.

  • Our independence means we can offer solutions that fit your unique situation. We are consultant-owned and operated; not a consulting wing of any product vendor.

  • Our expertise is based in the accumulated experience of an amazing group of entrepreneurial consultants. Our research is sound, our analysis is broad-based and our recommendations are clear and concise.

  • Our passion for the growth of your bank or credit union and its employees, is only matched by our commitment to telling you the truth. You hire us for an outside perspective and we have a well-earned reputation for delivering honest, candid feedback designed to help you press your limits and surpass your goals.

our team of creative and entrepreneurial professionals
has the expertise and commitment to help you succeed.
we are dedicated to helping you grow.


Joe Sullivan
President & CEO

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Project Manager

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Michaela Cagle
Research Analyst

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Jim Perry
Senior Strategist

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